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Status Effect-Linked.png Description
This character is Linked. At the start of a Linked characters turn each Linked enemy loses 20% Max Protection and Sith Eternal Emperor gains 25% of the amount lost. Cannot critically hit and damage dealt is decreased by 25%.
Status Unique • Other
Exclusive to Characters
Limited to Sith Eternal Emperor
Dispellable No
Resistible No
Copyable No


Damage decrease does not affect Galactic Legends. Raid Bosses gain Expose for 2 turns which can't be resisted instead of losing Max Protection. If Sith Eternal Emperor is also in the Leader slot, Linked enemies also increase Sith Eternal Emperor's Ultimate Charge by 8% and Mastery by 10% when they use an ability. All Sith allies gain half the amount of Mastery.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Sith Eternal Emperor-portrait.png
Sith Eternal Emperor

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