Imperial TIE Fighter

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Imperial TIE Fighter
Alignment:Dark Side

Evasive Empire Attacker that both inflicts and exploits Target Lock

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Frontline or not at all in 99% of cases. ITF’s reinforcement ability is pretty bad, and it’s exceptionally high speed coupled with its turn meter gain for the allied capital ship makes it a shoe in for frontline usage


Very fast, can inflict target lock, can inflict buff immunity, can deal high damage, has high dodge Chance (compared to other ships), can give the allied capital ship turn meter when it dodges.


Rather flimsy, especially since many ships now are capable of hitting through foresight or ignoring dodge chance.

Farming Locations


Little known trick: if your capital ship is faster than the enemy capital ship, use ITF’s special first to give it foresight. Then when the enemy capital ship uses its AoE (most of the time this is the first move it makes) it will hi tthe foresight, which triggers ITF’s turn meter distribution to the allied capital ship. This can allow you to reinforce almost immediately after the enemy capital ship uses its AoE and well before it reinforces. Other than that, use ITF to inflict Target Lock with its basic, and deal big damage/inflict buff immunity on its special. Can be quite nasty when allies are stealthed by Scimitar.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

3. If you’re going to use ITF for this reinforcement ability you should upgrade it all the way. It is however, a bad reinforcement ability compared to most others, and not worth upgrading or using.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. T-s8 Targeting Computer (Special)
  2. L-s1 Laser Cannon (Basic)
  3. Control Thrusters (Crew)

If you’re going to use ITF on your frontline, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade all of its abilities to max. 1 & 2 provide big damage boosts, while 3 increases the turn meter gain to your capital ship whenever ITF dodges.

Recommended Gear Level