Hound's Tooth (Old)

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Hound's Tooth
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Bounty Hunters, Cargo Ship, Scoundrel

Sustainable Bounty Hunter Tank that debilitates enemies

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Serves excellently in either position, but the strongest fleets usually put it on the frontline. If low stars, then better as a reinforcement.


Very very tanky. Can reapply taunt after being dispelled. Can self cleanse. Overall a hugely difficult ship to deal with.


Slow and doesn’t deal a lot of damage. If an enemy is not successfully breached, Hound’s Tooth is quite simple to ignore.

Farming Locations

  • Light Side Hard Node 8-D


Apply Breach to an enemy and auto taunt, then use Hound’s Tooth to protect more valuable and easier to kill ships such as Geonosian Spy, Vader and Anakin.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

1 or 3 dependant on where the ship is being used. Overall the reinforcement ability itself isn’t very good, but when paired with Bounty Hunters can lead to a strong snowball effect.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. Trandoshan Barricade (Crew)
  2. Devourer of Prey (Special)
  3. Tooth and Nail (Basic)

Trandoshan Barricade is very important, as without it Hound’s Tooth is significantly easier to get around. The other two are low priority since Hound’s Tooth doesn’t deal a lot of damage and they are simply damage upgrades.

Recommended Gear Level