Hermit Yoda

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Hermit Yoda
Alignment:Light Side

Jedi recluse who imparts sage wisdom in the ways of the Force


Yoda was a male of an unknown, small and green species born 896 BBY. For many years he was the Grand Master of the Jedi Council, training many other Jedi masters such as Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi. During the Clone Wars he remained as a director and negotiator, rarely venturing into the battlefields. During Order 66 he sensed the deaths of other Jedi and managed to escape his assassination attempt. He was later defeated by Emperor Palpatine and went into exile on Dagobah. In 4 ABY he trained Luke Skywalker and soon after died of old age and became a force ghost.

Further Media Appearance

Yoda appears in Episodes I, II, Clone Wars, III, Star Wars: Rebels, V, VI, VIII, and various comics, books and video games.


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