HSTR P2 First Order Team

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Strategy + Game Play

See Video (below)

Kylo Ren: Use lash-out as much as possible. It will grant +25% TM to FO allies, +25% to allies with advantage

KRU: Use stun on Sith Assassin

KRU and FOST: Alternate taunts between the KRU and FOST. Get as much Defense up as possible.

Executioner: Keep hitting Sion. Other characters should attack side toons to defeat them and minimize Sion’s TM gain

and counter-attacks

Cycles of Pain: Cleanse everyone except for Executioner

Kylo Ren: Usually everyone but KRU and Executioner will be defeated halfway through the battle. Then stop cleansing

Kylo. Alternate between lash-out and outrage to regain protection.

Gear + Zetas + Mods