Grand Admiral Thrawn

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Grand Admiral Thrawn
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Empire, Fleet Commander

Calculating Empire Leader who can halt enemies in their tracks, and grants Empire allies a new Special ability

Lore (Canon)

A Chiss warrior, and strategic mastermind, Thrawn was sent by the Chiss Ascendancy to be brought into the Empire, where he reached the rank of Grand Admiral, even though many plotted against him. He would eventually fight the Phoenix rebel cell and his demise was brought about by Purgills.

Further Media Appearance

Star Wars: Rebels (Seasons 3-4)

Star Wars: Thrawn


Thrawn is a character that can work on most teams, with an ability that can effectively put a character out of combat. Thrawn is strong especially is TW and Arena, and although he doesn't work well in raids, he could still be useful in HAAT. He is the best on Nightmare Teams (EP lead, DN, Sion, Thrawn and Vader) and Traya teams, especially with Revan as a counter to that team. In TW, Thrawn works well with the teams mentioned above. He is an overall great character, and adds a lot to almost every team, even without synergy.


Thrawn is not good in raids, especially the SIth Triumvirate Raid, because the teams he gets put on typically rely on debuffs or get defeated too easily. Under nightmare, Bastila teams defeat him really easily, however, he can defeat Bastila teams under Traya. His weaknesses are more based on what team he is put on than himself.

Farming Locations

Available in the Artist of War event. 5 5* Phoenix characters are required to unlock, while 5 7* Phoenix characters are required to max.


Thrawn is meant to be played as a support who is supposed to put a key opponent character out of combat, so the team can, hopefully win. An example of this would be him fracturing Grand Master Yoda so Yoda doesn't completely obliterate your team. He is also used to give key allied characters TM and if used on another character with full TM, it basically gives Thrawn a -1 cooldown on all abilities. Thrawn's basic can apply ability block on opponents, although it gives them speed up for one turn or until it is dispelled, and then ability block is applied.

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Thrawn does not necessarily need any zetas, although Ebb and Flow will help him, especially in arena under EP lead. He needs all his omegas.

Mod Recommendations

Try to mod Thrawn for speed (250-300 speed range is ideal) and health in arena. In raids, mod him for Crit Chance and Damage

Synergy Teams

Thrawn is best under EP lead with partial or full empire, although he works JTR, CLS, Bastila Jedi, and many other teams in arena. Thrawn can also be used as a leader for Imperial Troopers, which are useful in STR.