Geonosian Spy's Starfighter

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Geonosian Spy's Starfighter
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Geonosian, Separatist

Elusive Separatist Attacker that uses Stealth for both offense and defense

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Geonosian Spy is used as a frontline ship in nearly every fleet it appears in, though his reinforcement ability can serve as a way to bypass difficult taunting tanks like Hound’s Tooth.


Geo Spy hits very very hard, dealing the most damage of the Geo Trio and possessing the Trio’s mass assist call that can burst enemies down very quickly. Spy can also stealth itself and Soldier to make them very difficult to pin down.


Geo Spy is slow and can be killed quite quickly, also has very little usefulness without the other Geos on the field.

Farming Locations


Use Spy to call assists and deal burst damage. Quite simple. He can also be run as a utility reinforcement to pull ships out of stealth or from behind a tank, though this is very RNG reliant.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

3. This ability is only really useful once fully upgraded, since the target enemy is rarely one of the ones you want to be forcing to taunt.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. Clandestine Operations (Unique)
  2. Surprise Shot (Special)
  3. Undermine (Basic)

2 & 3 are interchangeable since extra damage to buffed enemies is very useful against taunting tanks, however Spy’s Unique is by far one of the most important abilities across the whole Geo Trio

Recommended Gear Level