Game Strategy Resources

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Unit Development - Gives a progress report for various in game events based on level, gear and zeta status of units.

Mod Optimizer - Suggests optimal mod layouts for characters based on customizable criteria.

Character Comparison Tool - Allows you to compare two of the same character across different accounts.

Fleet Strategy

Fleet Meta Breakdown - November 2018

Quick Start Guide To Ships

Ship Reinforcement Order Priority List (Incomplete)

Popular/Successful Lineups

Crouching Rancor Ship Speed Calculator - External App

Ship Ability Damage Hierarchy - Google Sheet

Overview of each Ship

Territory War and Grand Arena

Territory War and Grand Arena Counter List

Raid Strategy

Heroic Sith Raid

HSTR (Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid) Project Documents - Multiple documents on team composition for HSTR

Event Strategy Guides

One Famous Wookiee (Legendary Chewbacca Event)

Lower gear team with Boba Fett lead

Lower gear team with low speed Boba Fett lead

Endor Escalation

Endor Escalation Quick Guide

Faction Strategy Guides:


A Quickish Guide To Murder Bears