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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has two major groups that events fall into; guild events and player events. Player events are reoccuring content that usually has several tiers with specific requirements in order to participate in, with the exception of Grand Arena. Guild Events are reoccuring content that all guild member can participate in. These events reward more and turn out better when more members participate.

Player Events

Event-General's Command.png
Event-Admiral's Maneuver.png
Event-Legend of the Old Republic.png
Event-Scourge of the Old Republic.png
Event-Secrets and Shadows.png
Event-Rebel Roundup.png
Event-Forest Moon.png
Event-Ground War.png
Event-Military Might.png
Event-Places of Power.png
Event-Clash on Kamino.png
Event-Star Forge Showdown.png
Event-Endurance Fleet Mastery.png
Event-Executrix Fleet Mastery.png
Event-Home One Fleet Mastery.png
Event-Heir to the Light Side.png
Event-The Journey's End.png
Event-The Final Order.png
Event-Heir to the Dark Side.png
Event-The Mandalorian Hero's Journey.png
Event-Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey.png
Event-Rey's Hero's Journey.png
Event-Endor Escalation.png
Event-Defense of Dathomir.png
Event-Contact Protocol.png
Event-Daring Droid.png
Event-One Famous Wookiee.png
Event-Pieces and Plans.png
Event-Artist of War.png
Event-Imperial Chimaera.png
Event-Flight of the Falcon.png
Event-Grand Master's Training.png
Event-Emperor's Demise.png
Event-Aggressive Negotiations.png
Event-Pieces and Plans Mythic.png
Event-Grand Master's Training Mythic.png
Event-Emperor's Demise Mythic.png
Event-Artist of War Mythic.png
Event-Daring Droid Mythic.png
Event-Endor Omega Battle.png
Event-Jakku Omega Battle.png
Event-Hoth Omega Battle.png
Event-Imperial Fleet Omega Battle.png
Event-Bespin Omega Battle.png
Event-Coruscant Omega Battle.png
Event-Dathomir Omega Battle.png
Event-Contraband Cargo.png
Event-Training Droid Smuggling.png
Event-Credit Heist.png
Event-Smuggler's Run.png
Event-Galactic Bounties I.png
Event-Galactic Bounties II.png
Event-Ghosts of Dathomir.png
Event-Luke Skywalker The Journey Continues.png

Guild Events

Event-Territory Battle-Republic Offensive.png
Event-Territory Battle-Imperial Retaliation.png
Event-Territory Battle-Separatist Might.png
Event-Territory Battle-Rebel Assault.png
Event-Territory War.png