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Some of the best rewards in SW:GoH can only be obtained by completing events. This page can help you plan which characters to farm and how many resources to devote to them.

Events (listed by event)
Event Type of Event Player Requirements 1st Tier Requirements Final Tier Requirements Final Tier Minimum* Final Tier Recommended* Best Rewards Relative Value of Event**
Credit Heist Recurring Tier 1- lvl 30

Tier 4- lvl 80

3 1-star Scoundrels 5 5-star Scoundrels lvl 75 g7 lvl 80 g8 Average of 5 million credits Highest
Grand Master's Training Legendary Level ? 5 1-star Jedi 5 7-star Jedi Lvl 80 g8-9 Grand Master Yoda High
Grand Master's Training Mythic Level ?

Completion of Legendary event

5 7-star Jedi 4 7-star Jedi and 7-star GMY Lvl 85 g7-9 Mods and Gear Low
Emperor's Demise Legendary 5 1-star Rebels 5 7-star Rebels lvl 75+ g7 Lvl 80 g7-9 Emperor Palpatine High
Emperor's Demise Mythic 5 7-star Rebels 5 7-star Empire and 7-star EP Lvl 80 g7-9 Lvl 85 g10+ Mods and Gear Low
Artist of War Legendary 5 1-star Phoenix 5 7-star Phoenix lvl 80 g8 lvl 82+ g9-10

Abilities 7+

Good Mods

Grand Admiral Thrawn High
Artist of War Mythic 5 7-star Phoenix 4 7-star Empire and 7-star Thrawn lvl 82+ g9-10

Abilities 7+

Good Mods

Lvl 85 g10+ Mods and Gear Low
Daring Droid Legendary 5 1-star Empire 5 7-star Empire Lvl 85 g8-9 R2-D2 High
Daring Droid Mythic 5 7-star Empire 5 7-star Rebel Lvl 85 g8-9 Lvl 85 g10+ Mods and Gear Low
Pieces and Plans Legendary 5 1-star First Order 5 7-star First Order lvl 70+ g7-8

Abilities 6+

lvl 80 g9

Abilities 7+

BB-8 High
Pieces and Plans Mythic 5 7-star Resistance 5 7-star First Order lvl 80 g9

Abilities 7+

Lvl 85 g10+ Mods and Gear Low
Imperial Chimaera Legendary 3 1* Rebel Ships

1-star Home One

3 7-star Rebel Ships

7-star Home One

Lvl 80 g8-10 Chimaera Medium
One Famous Wookie Legendary 5 1-star Bounty Hunter 5 7-star Bounty Hunter Lvl 85 g11+ Chewbacca High
Contact Protocol Legendary 5 1-star Ewoks 5 7-star Ewoks Lvl 85 g11+ C-3PO High
Luke's Hero Journey Hero 1-star Luke, Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, Old Ben, and R2-D2 7-star Luke, Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, Old Ben, and R2-D2 lvl 75+ g7+

Abilities at 6+

Good Mods

lvl 80+ g8-10

Abilities at 7+

Good Mods

Commander Luke Skywalker High
Rey's Hero Journey Hero 1-star Rey (Scav), Finn, BB-8, Vet Chewbacca, Vet Han 7-star Rey (Scav), Finn, BB-8, Vet Chewbacca, Vet Han Lvl 80 g7-9 Rey (Jedi Training) High
Revan's Ancient Journey Hero 1-star Bastila, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, T3-M4 7-star Bastila, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, T3-M4 Lvl 70+ g7 Lvl 85 g8-9 Jedi Knight Revan High
Endor Escalation Battles 5 4-star Ewoks 7-star Wicket, 4 others at 7*-star Lvl 75 g9 Zeta Mat Medium
Defense of Dathomir Battles 5 5-star Nightsisters 7-star Mother Talzin, 4 others at 7-star Lvl 75 g10 Zeta Mat Medium
Home One Fleet Mastery Fleets Level 80 N/A 6 6-star Light Side ships

6-star Home One

Home One shards Low
Endurance Fleet Mastery Fleets Level 80 N/A 6 6-star Light Side ships

6-star Endurance

Endurance shards Low
Executrix Fleet Mastery Fleets Level 80 N/A 6 6-star Dark Side ships

6-star Executrix

Executrix shards Low
Geonosian Fleet Tactics Fleets Low
Ghosts of Dathomir Special 5 2-star characters 5 4-star characters Lvl 70 Character shards Low
Bespin Omega Battles 3 Rebel or Geonosian 3 Rebel or Geonosian Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Coruscant Omega Battles 3 Ewok or Empire 3 Ewok or Empire Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Dathomir Omega Battles 3 Jedi or Tusken 3 Jedi or Tusken Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Endor Omega Battles 3 Sith or Droid 3 Sith or Droid Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Hoth Omega Battles 3 Scoundrel or First Order 3 Scoundrel or First Order Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Imperial Fleet Omega Battles 3 Resistance or Clone 3 Resistance or Clone Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Jakkuu Omega Battles 3 Nightsister or Jawa 3 Nightsister or Jawa Lvl 70 g7 Ability Mats Low
Forest Moon Assault Battles 5 Empire or Droid 5 7-star Empire or Droid Lvl 80 g9 Ewok shards, Gear Medium
Forest Moon Mythic Assault 5 7-star Empire or Droid 5 7-star Empire or Droid Lvl 85 g9-12 Gear Low
Ground War Assault Battles 5 Jedi, Ewok, or Ugnaught 7-star Jedi, Ewok, or Ugnaught Lvl 85 g10-12 Separatist shards, Gear Low
Military Might Assault Battles 5 Rebel or Clone 7-star Rebel or Clone Lvl 85 g9 Empire shards, Gear Medium
Military Might Mythic Assault 5 7-star Rebel or Clone 5 7-star Rebel or Clone Lvl 85 g9-12 Gear Low
Places of Power Assault Battles 5 First Order or Sith 5 7-star First Order or Sith Lvl 80 g9 Jedi and Clone shards, Gear Medium
Secrets and Shadows Assault Battles 5 Phoenix or Nightsister 5 5-star Phoenix or Nightsister Lvl 80 g9 Sith shards, Gear Low
Rebel Roundup Assault Battles 5 Bounty Hunters or Imperial Troopers 5 7-star Bounty Hunters or Imperial Troopers Lvl 85 g10-11 Rebel shards, Gear Medium
Galactic Bounties Bounties 5 Bounty Hunters 5 7-star Bounty Hunters Lvl 85 g11-12 Character Shards Low
Contraband Cargo Recurring
Smuggler's Run Recurring
Training Droid Smuggling Recurring Tier 1- lvl 30

Tier 4- lvl 80

3 Scoundrels 5 Scoundrels lvl 70 g7 lvl 80 g8 Ability Mats and Gear Low

*The minimums and recommendations are based on user reports gathered from throughout the web. Players shooting for the minimums can expect to try and retry the event until completion, while the recommended levels should be more consistently winnable. Some teams (or team compositions) will have an easier time than others; these are guidelines, not guarantees.

**The final column is meant to be a relatively objective reflection of a particular event's usefulness to all players, regardless of the current meta or that player's preferences.

***Note that some events have different team requirements for middle tiers than for the first and last tiers. This page is meant to show the entry and completion points for each event, not every step along the way.

Event Recommendations by Team

NOTE: This section is for listing event recommendations by team for events which allow more than one group. Easy events, such as the Omega battles and Ghosts of Dathomir, do not need a listing as most teams that meet the requirements can clear them. Events that are significantly harder for one team over another are what we want to highlight here.

Events (listed by teams)
Event Team 1st Tier Minimum 1st Tier Recommended Final Tier Minimum Final Tier Recomended
Rebel Roundup Bounty Hunters
Rebel Roundup Imperial Troopers
Forest Moon Empire
Forest Moon Droid
Ground War Ewok
Ground War Jedi
Military Might Rebel
Military Might Clone Trooper
Places of Power First Order
Places of Power Sith
Secrets and Shadows Phoenix
Secrets and Shadows Nightsister

Team Use Breakdown

This section attempts to break down which teams are most useful based on the number of events they are required for, the number of events they can be used in, and the overall value of the events in question (as objectively as possible).

Team's Stats
Team # of Events Requiring Team # of Events Team is Optional For Best Rewards Team Can Earn (in events)
Bounty Hunters 2- Galactic Bounties, One Famous Wookie 4 Chewbacca, Credits, Character/Ship Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Empire 3- Emperor's Demise Mythic, Artist of War Mythic, Daring Droid + Mythic 3 R2-D2, Character/Ship Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Ewoks 2- Contact Protocol, Endor Escalation 2 C-3PO, Wicket, Separatist Shards, Gear, Zeta, Ability Mats
First Order 1- Pieces and Plans + Mythic 2 BB-8, Jedi & Clone Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Jedi 1- Grand Master's Training + Mythic 2 GMY, Character Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Nightsisters 1- Defense of Dathomir 2 Talzin, Character Shards, Gear, Zeta, Ability Mats
Phoenix 1- Artist of War + Mythic See: Rebels Thrawn, See: Rebels
Rebel 2- Emperor's Demise + Mythic, Daring Droid Mythic 2 Character Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Chimaera 1- Imperial Chimaera See: Light Side Ships Chimaera, See: Light Side Ships
Sith 0 2 Character Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Smuggler 1- Smuggler's Run 3 Credits, Gear, Ability Mats
Revan 1- Revan's Ancient Journey 0 Jedi Knight Revan
Imperial Troopers 0 1 + See: Empire Rebel Shards, Gear, See: Empire
Clone Troopers 0 1 Empire Shards, Gear
Resistance 1- Pieces and Plans Mythic 1 Gear, Ability Mats
Droids 0 2 Ewok Shards, Gear, Ability Mats
Jawas 0 1 Ability Mats
Tuskens 0 1 Ability Mats
Rey 1- Rey's Hero Journey 0 Rey (Jedi Training)
CLS 1- Luke's Hero Journey See: Rebels Commander Luke Skywalker, See: Rebels
Light Side Ships 2- Endurance, Home One 1 Endurance, Home One
Dark Side Ships 1- Executrix 1 Executrix
Geonosian 0 1 Ability Mats

Suggested Team Acquisition Order

Below is a suggested order to build the teams for events and a sample composition of each team. The order and samples are heavily influenced by which characters you can get at which levels, how long it takes a F2P player to get them, and which are used in the most (and most important) events; the samples are certainly not the most powerful version of each team.

  1. Phoenix. Very good early arena team, fantastic for clearing Galactic War, used in the Thrawn and (as pilots) the Chimaera events, and can be used for all Rebel events- Military Might, Emperor Palpatine's Legendary event, and more. The Phoenix squad is also a useful start toward a Jedi team (Ezra and Kanan), and perhaps most importantly it is easy to farm all of its members simultaneously from a low level.
    1. Hera (leader), Ezra, Zeb, Kanan, Chopper
  2. Bounty Hunters. Can be swapped with Empire based on personal preference. A powerhouse team used for more events than any other team. A basic composition can be used for most of their events and farmed from low levels. Of particular note, BHs can be used for the Credit Heist event, one of the most important events and also one players will gain access to at lower levels.
    1. Boba Fet (leader), Cad Bane, Dengar, Greedo, IG-88
  3. Empire. Can be swapped with Bounty Hunters based on personal preference. Easy to farm from a low level and useful in all game modes, the Empire squad only gets better as players gain access to all-stars like Thrawn and EP. Used to get R2-D2 and in other events like Forest Moon.
    1. Vader (leader), Grand Moff Tarkin, TIE Fighter Pilot, Snowtrooper, Stormtrooper
  4. Rebels. Many characters to choose from, with just as many uses. Of particular note, Ackbar, Biggs, and Wedge are used with Phoenix and some Rogue One characters as pilots for the Chimaera event, and you will need a more powerful squad than Phoenix to handle some mythic event tiers. The team used to get Commander Luke Skywalker is composed of specific Rebels.
    1. Stormtrooper Han (leader), Princess Leia, Old Ben, Luke (Farmboy), R2-D2 (this is the Commander Luke team)
    2. Wedge (leader), Biggs, Lando, Stormtrooper Han or Old Ben, Ezra
  5. Jedi. A powerhouse in the Arena, Jedi work well in many areas of the game. Grand Master Yoda's event requires Jedi. Following this order of teams, you'll already have most of the Jedi needed for a version of this squad, though using Bastila as a leader makes the squad much more powerful, though she can take some time to completely farm.
    1. Bastila (leader), Ezra, Kanan, Old Ben, Jedi Consular
  6. Your Pick. By the time you finish a basic composition of the five teams listed above, you'll be able to complete many events. Which team you focus on after this becomes mostly preference, though there are some key teams left you should consider before the rest: First Order, who are required for the BB-8 event (and thus needed to get Jedi Rey); Ewoks, who are required for C-3PO and can earn zeta mats; and Revan's team to get Jedi Knight Revan. Other teams worth consideration more for their use outside of events include Nightsisters and the various ship teams, particularly the dark side ships needed to farm zeta mats if the player hasn't already acquired them.
    1. First Order: Kylo Ren (Unmasked) (leader), First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Officer, First Order TIE Pilot, Phasma
    2. Ewoks: Teebo (leader), Paploo, Ewok Scout, Wicket, Ewok Elder
    3. Revan's Team: Bastila (leader), Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, T3-M4

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