Datamined Information

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Below is any interesting information found from datamining SWGoH. Since this is datamined, nothing is 100% confirmed to be happening or not. A lot of the time, things are found in the datamine that may never actually make it to the game.


  • Grand Arena season name Aurodium defined again
  • Grand Arena season new label "Rewards in:"
  • Added EA Network Connect with crystals gift for connecting
  • Most TU15 language added
  • Push Notifications for Grand Arena defense/attack/join


  • Slave 1 is January's login character

Territory War Buffs

  • At the start of battle, Imperial Troopers gain 2 stacks of Endless Ranks. When an enemy is defeated, all Imperial Troopers gain 1 stack of Endless Ranks. Endless Ranks: When an Imperial Trooper is defeated, they consume 1 stack of Endless Rank from all Imperial Trooper allies, revive with 100% Health and 100% Protection, reset all their cooldowns, and gain a bonus turn
  • Jawas have 50% chance to Stun the target enemy when they use an ability, which can't be evaded. Jawas gain 20% Offense for each Stunned enemy. When Jawas attack a Stunned enemy, they Shock them for 2 turns and call all other Jawa allies to assist
  • First Order allies gain Advantage for 2 turns at the start of battle and whenever they are inflicted with a debuff. If they have Advantage when they use an ability, First Order allies recover 10% Health and 10% Protection and inflict Target Lock on target enemy for 2 turns.
  • At the start of battle, Clone Troopers gain 25% Health, 25% Protection, 25% Offense, and 25% Defense for each Clone Trooper ally. Clone Troopers gain 100% Critical Chance and 100% Critical Damage while they have no debuffs. When they attack out of turn, Clone Troopers dispel all debuffs on other Clone Troopers allies, dispel all buffs on the target enemy, and gain 20% Turn Meter.


Grand Arena General info

  • All players start in Bronzium League each Season
  • Earn League promotion based on your rank at the end of an Event
  • Division I is locked in for the top 8,192 players based on GP at the start of the 1st event each Season
  • End of Event Rewards are granted at the end of each Event based on your League
  • End of Season Rewards are sent at the end of the Season based on your League and Division

Grand Arena League info

  • Bronzium -> Top 4 ranks advance to Chromium League
  • Chromium -> top 4 advance to Aurodium league
  • Aurodium -> Rank 1 advances to Carbonite League
  • Carbonite -> Rank 1 advances to Kyber League (Division I only)
  • Kyber -> Top 32 players each season in Division I