Credit Heist

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Credit Heist event image

Credit Heist is an event that requires Scoundrels and rewards Credits for completing it. There is no set schedule for Credit Heists and they aren't announced by CG no the monthly calendar. They are however datamined by Heist Hero and SWGoH Events,so players usually know several days before they appear in game. SWGoH Events also keeps track of the Credit Heist history going back to April of 2017. The event is seen as one of the most important events in the game for generating Credits and it is generally considered a good idea to build a Scoundrel team to unlock Tier IV as soon as possible.

Format and Rewards

Each Credit Heist event allows 2 attempts. The highest Tier of Credit Heist, Tier IV, pays out between 1.5m and 10m credits per attempt. The average payout per attempt is 2.5m credits.10m credits is paid out about 1% of the time.