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General Overview

The wiki is using MediaWiki to power it. MediaWiki also powers Wikipedia, so if you're familiar with Wikipedia then you should also be familiar with the wiki.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, just find something you are knowledgable about and add to it. If you have a specific question, join our Discord and we can talk about it.

If you think you'll be a frequent contributor, make sure you create an account. If you create an account, make sure to create a user page for yourself with your Discord and accounts. Also join our Discord and you'll get a special Wiki role to talk internally with other contributors.

Creating a new page from search

Creating a new article

Creating a new article is easy with a wiki.

  • Search for the page using the search bar above
  • If the page you're looking for doesn't exist, there will be a red link that you can click to create the page
  • Once you click that link, you will be presented with a blank textbox where you can start creating your wiki article

Editing an article

Choose Edit or Editor source to edit an existing page

Editing an article is even easier than creating an article.

  • At the top of every page, there are 2 options - Edit and Edit Source.
    • Edit will bring you to the wysiwyg editor. Edit Source brings you to the Markup editor.

What pages need help?

Check out the Stubs category for a list of pages that haven't been completed.

Wysiwyg vs Markup editor

If you've never worked on a wiki and aren't comfortable with using Markup, there is a wysiwyg editor that works very well. I recommend using the wysiwyg editor. This will allow you to make changes in the wiki without knowing any code, similar to Microsoft Word.

General tips and tricks

  • Try using Headings and subheadings as often as possible. This makes it easier to navigate the page as it automatically creates Table of Contents
  • Use supporting images if possible.
    • If using the wysiwyg, this is very easy as you can upload right through the Insert Media option
  • Link to other articles that may contain more information
    • The wysiwyg has a built in link feature that helps you find other articles in the wiki
  • Check the Recent Changes pages to see anything new added that may need to be edited or expanded upon.


You can join the SWGOH Resource Discord if you have any questions about contributing to the wiki.