Characters whose stats grows during encounters

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Some characters' abilities causes one or more stats to grow continually as an encounter progresses.

Below is the description of the parts of those abilities.

Character Stats Ability Part of the ability's description which cause the stat change, at max level. Notes
Asajj Ventress Offense, Critical Chance Rampage When any ally or enemy is defeated, Asajj gains 15% Offense, 15% Critical Chance, and 5% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter. The ability also gives Asajj %35 Turn Meter when any character is defeated and +15 Speed for each enemy with no buffs.
Darth Maul Critical Chance, Evasion,

Max Health Recovery

Power of Hatred ...Whenever an enemy is defeated, Darth Maul gains bonuses for the rest of the encounter.

First Enemy: 25% Critical Chance

Second Enemy: 25% Evasion

Third Enemy: 25% Max Health recovery on hitting with an attack

Emperor Palpatine Max Protection Crackling Doom ...when he inflicts Shock, he gains 5% Max Protection until the end of the encounter.
Enfys Nest Critical Damage, Health Steal Fighting Instinct Whenever an enemy loses a buff or debuff, Nest gains +2% Critical Damage and Health Steal (stacking) until the end of the encounter. The ability also gain her Crit Chance and bonus protection when she's attacked but that expires on the start of her next turn.
General Veers Speed Imperial Assault Commander Imperial Trooper allies gain 20 speed and gain 10% Turn Meter whenever they gain a buff.
Jyn Erso Potency Fierce Determination Jyn gains 10% Potency each time she scores a Critical Hit. As the encounters goes on the increased potency will help her being effective with her stun from Truncheon Strike (It might also help her remove the turn meter. This needs to be verified.).
Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) Critical Damage Draw a Bead Luke has 25% Critical Chance. At the start of each of his turns, Luke gains 10% Critical Damage (stacking) until the end of the encounter.
T3-M4 Potency, Critical Hit Chance Combat Logic Upgrade Droid allies gain 8% Potency and 8% Critical Hit Chance (stacking) each time T3-M4 uses an ability. Also, Droid allies have +8% Critical Damage for each debuff on the enemy team.

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