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Characters from the movie 'Rogue One'.

These characters are also members of the faction 'Rebel'.


Jyn Erso - the sole Rogue One lead.

Supporting Units

Cassian Andor

Bodhi Rook - not used by anyone for anything.


Chirrut Îmwe




Baze Malbus

Scarif Rebel Pathfinder



Jyn Erso has two zetas. Her leader Zeta is very good and will help you push through the Phase 6 Light Side Territory Battle mission. Her second Zeta makes her immune to stun, which is not very useful. Consider it only for Cassian's U-wing.

Cassian Andor again only consider this zeta for Cassian's U-wing.

Pao's Zeta gives 5% Turn Meter whenever a Rebel ally uses a Basic Attack.

K-2SO - gives him 1% Max Protection whenever he takes damage. Really only for Cassian's U-wing.

Bodhi Rook - only 155 people have this Zeta. Not much else to say.

Places where this team is needed

Light Side Territory Battle: Hoth: Rebel Assault

  • Phase 2, Overlook (south territory), Special Mission.
  • Phase 6 Combat Mission.

Some guilds will use them for Territory Wars Defense.

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