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The Galactic Empire was founded in the year 19 BBY in the wake of the Clone Wars, after Supreme Chancellor Palpatine reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire and declared himself Emperor. While it brought economic prosperity to the core worlds, it ruled with an iron fist, crushing local governments in an attempt to create a unified galaxy. After heavily militarizing, the Empire relied heavily on swarm tactics, providing troopers with the barest of essentials to fight, and creating starfighters and capital ships alike with the intent to overwhelm any other combatants. After the destruction of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, the Empire entered into a full scale war against the Alliance to Restore the Republic, otherwise known as the Rebel Alliance. 5 years after the Battle of Yavin, the rebellion launched a massive offensive over the Forest Moon of Endor with the intent to destroy the second Death Star. It was here where the rebellion would score their biggest victory in the entire war, causing the destruction of a Super Star Destroyer, and Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader would both meet their ends at the hands of each other. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, a power vaccuum would be created, ultimately leading to the total collapse of the Empire a year later at the Battle of Jakku.

Imperial Troopers will not be covered here. For information about that faction, please see Imperial Troopers



Supporting Units




() indicates required crew





Capital Ships






  • Darth Vader No Escape
  • Director Krennic Immeasurable Power
  • Emperor Palpatine Crackling Doom
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn Ebb and Flow
  • Grand Moff Tarkin Callous Conviction
  • Imperial Probe Droid Imperial Logistics

Places where this team is needed

  • Assault Battles - Forest Moon
  • Daring Droid legendary event
  • Coruscant Omega Battles