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Status Effect-Breach.png Description
-25% Speed, -25% Defense (Does not stack with Speed Down or Defense Down)
Status Debuff
Dispellable Yes
Resistible Yes
Copyable Yes


Units can apply other reductions or effects against them.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Jedi Master Luke Skywalker-portrait.png
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Ships that can apply

Unit-Ship-Hound's Tooth-portrait.png
Hound's Tooth
Unit-Ship-Razor Crest-portrait.png
Razor Crest
Unit-Ship-Xanadu Blood-portrait.png
Xanadu Blood

Ships that can apply when they reinforce

Unit-Ship-Xanadu Blood-portrait.png
Xanadu Blood
File:Status Effect-Breach.pngBreachBreach