Bistan's U-wing

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Bistan's U-wing
Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Rebel, Rogue One
Pilot(s):Bistan & Scarif Rebel Pathfinder

Elusive Rebel Support that boosts ally Turn Meter while using Stealth and Target Lock

Frontline or Reinforcement?

More often used as a Frontline due to his excellent utility in that role, Bistan’s U-Wing is also a capable reinforcement though, with a free assist call and stealth (an enabling mechanic for Bistan) as his reinforcement ability.


Un-evadable basic, Stealth, Assist Call, Irresistible and un-evadable Target Lock and Turn Meter distribution.


Only one damage dealing ability. Even with passive speed boost, only average speed.

Farming Locations

  • Fleet Shipments
  • Guild Event Shop
  • Fleet Hard Node 2-C


Much of Bistan’s kit is passive abilities. Use these to distribute turn meter to allies by inflicting target locks and defeating enemies. Bistan’s U-Wing is excellent for taking out Imperial Tie Fighter or Phantom as it can hit through foresight and dodge chance.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

3 - without the assist call, just having stealth is only moderately useful, therefore best to upgrade to Lv. 3.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. Assault Plan (Crew)
  2. Opening Move (Basic)
  3. Scouting Mission (Crew)
  4. Tactical Comms (Unique)

Assault Plan provides the most turn meter gain, and Bistan will often be using Opening Move while stealthed so having the extra critical damage is strong. All abilities are important however, and should be fully upgraded for maximum effectiveness.

Recommended Gear Level