Biggs Darklighter

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Biggs Darklighter
Alignment:Light Side
Ship:Biggs Darklighter's X-wing

Rebel Support with Critical Hit synergies who calls Assists


General background, Race, home planet, affiliations (link to jedi, galactic republic etc). Nothing too detailed since it then takes away from game.

Further Media Appearance

Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope


Biggs, when used in combination with Wedge and other Rebel attackers, is a decent mid-game team, especially for those who have not farmed Phoenix. In addition, Biggs' ship will be your main tank in Fleet Arena battles until you can get the Hound's Tooth.


Both in terms of area of the game (i.e. bad in hstr due to relying on debuffs) and against specific teams (i.e. bad against foresight teams). Again link to write ups.

Farming Locations

Cantina Battles 3-G (10 Energy)

Dark Side 4-A Hard (12 Energy)

Fleet Arena Store (400 for 5)

Galactic War Store (400 for 5)

He is also found in the Guild Event Store.


General notes about the playstyle the toon can be used in

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Zetas: None

Omegas: 3

  1. Cadet's Aim: adds 15% damage. This is not particularly useful because Biggs does not do that much damage unless he is paired with Wedge.
  2. Comrade-in-Arms: Reduces cooldown by 1. If you plan to put an omega on Biggs, this should be your first priority. It will allow you to cycle assist attacks much more quickly
  3. Adrenaline Rush: Extends duration of Evasion Up by 1. This omega should not be applied unless you are using Biggs as a pilot. Since the evasion up triggers whenever he is critically hit, its duration should be refreshing quite often.

Mod Recommendations

List mod recommendations for this character

Synergy Teams

Biggs works well with Wedge Antilles. See Wedge's unique "Red Leader" and Biggs' second ability "Comrade-in-Arms" for more details.


Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.