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Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Droid, Resistance

Persistent Resistance Droid who empowers allies by circulating Secret Intel


BB-8 is a droid affiliated with the Resistance and often appears alongside his master, Poe Dameron. His designation is derived partially from his likeness to the number "8."

Further Media Appearance

Where the character is found aside from GoH game. So which movies, which bigger video games etc (in some cases books/comics may be relevant)


BB-8 is an all-around excellent support, but he is best used under a Resistance or Droid leader. His ultimate ability "Illuminated Destiny" dramatically increases allied damage output, and allows Droid and Resistance allies to recover protection.


Both in terms of area of the game (i.e. bad in hstr due to relying on debuffs) and against specific teams (i.e. bad against foresight teams). Again link to write ups.

Farming Locations

BB-8 is a legendary character obtainable only from the "Pieces and Plans" legendary event, which requires five 7* First Order units for 7* BB-8, but BB-8 can activate at 5* with a 5* First Order team.


As mentioned above, BB-8 is best used in a Droid or Resistance squad. The cooldown of his Illuminated Destiny special can be reduced by 1 for each critical hit scored by a Droid ally. In addition, an ally will gain the Secret Intel unique buff when they use a special ability, as long as BB-8 has already used his Covert Data Transfer at least once.

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Zetas: 2

  1. Roll With the Punches: This Zeta will call a random Resistance ally to assist whenever BB-8 attacks out of turn. It is very helpful if you use BB-8 in a Resistance team, but not useful in a Droid team.
  2. Self-Preservation Protocol: This Zeta allows Droid and Resistance allies to recover 8% of their max health and protection whenever BB-8 evades. It is useful for sustaining characters that have low or no health steal.

Omegas: 3

  1. Arc Welder: If the target already had Tenacity Down, inflict Daze for two turns. This Omega is not particularly useful, as BB-8 should rarely be using his basic attack.
  2. Covert Data Transfer: If all remaining active allies are Droids, BB-8 gains Taunt for 1 turn. BB-8 is not very durable, and has low health steal, so it is not advisable to have him taunting, unless you can keep foresight on him at all times.
  3. Illuminated Destiny: All allies gain Advantage, Critical Chance Up, and Critical Damage Up for 4 turns. This Omega should be your first priority when upgrading BB-8's abilities. It massively increases the damage boost provided by this ability.

Mod Recommendations

List mod recommendations for this character

Synergy Teams

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Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.