Artist of War Mythic

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Event-Artist of War Mythic.png
Type Mythic Event
Runs 2 Days
Requires Phoenix
Reward Mods and gear
Release date April 14, 2018
Artist of War Mythic


The Mythic version of the Legendary Event Artist of War let's you replay the last tier of the original event along with two newly added tiers. It rewards MK V-B or Mk V-A mods and will require Phoenix and Empire characters. The event lasts for two days and will automatically refresh at the 24 hour mark allowing you to play all tiers twice if played each day it is active.

Standard event


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Tier 1 is a repeat of the Legendary Event with same requirements. Tier II is Tier I with the ability to use any 7 star characters in your roster to beat it. Tier III has you use 7 Star Thrawn with 4 other Empire to take down the Phoenix Rebels.

  • Tier 1 and 2 (Only wave 4)
    • Wave 1: All Lv 84, Gear 10 Stormtrooper x4 and Stormtrooper Commander all ELITE, Gear 9 Stormtrooper,
    • Wave 2: All Lv 84 Gear 10 Stormtrooper, Magmatrooper, Stormtrooper Commander, TFP, and Imperial Officer all ELITE, Gear 9 TFP.
    • Wave 3: All Lv 86 Gear 10 Death Trooper x2, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper Commander, and Stormtrooper all ELITE, Gear 9 Magmatrooper.
    • Wave 4: All Level 88, Gear 11 Thrawn BOSS, Gear 10 Stormtrooper Commander x2 ELITE, Gear 9 Strormtrooper and Death Trooper x2 (with Deadeye buff: This unit has 100% critical hit chance and increased critical damage. This effect is removed if the unit becomes staggered or gets dispelled)
    • Tier 1 rewards 1 random 5A Potency or Tenacity Mod and 185K Credits, Tier 2 Rewards 2 random 5B-A Potency or Tenacity Mods and 185K Credits
  • Tier 3
    • Gear 11 recommended
    • All enemies gear 12, Level 85, and Elite except Hera who is Boss.
      • Hera, Sabine, Chopper, Zeb, Ezra, Kanan
      • Rewards 2 pieces of gear 1 purple (4), 1 yellow (3), 360K (500K 1st time reward), and 2 random 5B-A Potency or Tenacity Mods.
      • Gear possible are Mk 12 Wrist Band Prototype Salvage x3, Mk 12 Multi-tool PS x3, Mk 12 Visor PS x3, MK 7 CEC S x4, Mk 8 Nubian Security Scanner S x4, Mk 6 Carbanti S x4
    • Repeatable for 600 crystals max of ? times

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